3 ways a job profile can speed up hiring

3 ways a job profile can speed up hiring

If making a hire is one more thing on your never ending to-do list, you are going to want to cross it off as quickly as possible. It’s not that you want to rush through the process, because that will likely end up in poor decision making. You just want to make everything more efficient so that it can all go smoothly.

Most people consider the process of creating a job profile and extra step and one that would add time to the ordeal, however, it actually does the contrary. The time saved from having the job profile in the process, will actually outweigh the time it takes to develop one. Here’s how:

Gain Consensus

There is nothing worse than having to redo work. Ok, maybe there are plenty of worse things in life but it does really suck. Imagine getting all the way into the interview process before finding out that you need to go back to step 1 and decide what you are hiring for. This is a pretty common occurrence because people do not take the time to really hammer out all of their requirements. In creating a job profile, you force all stakeholders involved to agree on those requirements so that you can move forward and never look back. Insert sigh of relief here.

Screen Effectively

Interviews take time. You have to schedule them, conduct them, and organize your thoughts afterwards. So save that time for the candidates that really have a chance! If you can screen your applicants well enough to interview only the best, then the process will be a lot more efficient. Job profiles can help you in this area by providing resume scanning tips and phone screening questions. If you take advantage of these, then you can shave a few more hours off your overall time record.

Find Out Where the Gaps Are

If your friend gives you a word search puzzle and says “look here, here and here” it might not make it too fun but you will sure be done a lot quicker! A job profile is like your friend in the interview process. When you compare your candidate to the job profile, you will be able to see where you will need to probe deeper. However in this case, it actually is fun! Now you know what kind of responses to expect from candidates and you can chuckle to yourself when their personality rings true. It’s even more fun when they surprise you with experience to match your job profile because then you may have found your new hire!

The hiring process can be looked at like a relay race. If you create a job profile, it is like your starter taking off far ahead enough for the whole team to win. Creating the job profile in the beginning can reduce the end-to-end time and you can cross that one off your to-do list!  


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