5 Questions You Must Answer to Attract Top Talent

5 Questions You Must Answer to Attract Top Talent

Are your employees more or less happy this year than last? According to research conducted by Milewalk, they’re less happy. They’re also open to new opportunities and half of them have actually taken the step to interview with another company in the past year.

These are just some of the findings we talked about with Milewalk CEO, Andrew LaCivita in our October 27 #MiChat. Want to hear more?

Andrew is the founder and chief executive officer of Milewalk, an executive recruitment firm. His new book, The Hiring Prophecies: Psychology behind Recruiting Successful Employees, present the results of a 10 year study involving 10,000 employees and 200 companies. In it, he provides a proven recruitment methodology that counteracts the ever-present challenges when evaluating job candidates.

In our 25-minute interview, Andrew shared a number of insights from his new book and results from 10 years of research he’s conducted that uncovered why companies have trouble hiring and retaining top talent. Among other things, Andrew gives us the five questions that companies must ask themselves in order to be able to attract top talent. Watch the complete interview below.




We also took to Twitter where we, and others in the field explored these questions:

1) How has recruitment changed in the last 10 years?
2) What are the biggest mistakes companies are making in the hiring process?
3) What kinds of changes would you like to see in recruitment?

Check out that conversation in the transcript below.


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