How Much Do You Really Know About Candidate Experience?

How Much Do You Really Know About Candidate Experience?

Do you have extraordinary talent acquisition strategies? Do you know how to get the most value out of interviews with job applicants? Do your candidates get clear, timely communication from your company about the status of their application? Even when they don’t get the job? How’s your employer branding?

These factors – and many more – make up the basis of a positive, effective candidate experience. Improving candidate experience can have drastic effects on the way job applicants view your company, even if they don’t make the cut. But many companies can’t say for sure whether the processes they have in place are effective enough to deliver a positive experience for their candidates. If only there was a way to round up all the candidate experience best practices, and present them in a way that makes it easy to see where companies are doing well, and where they need to improve. If only there was some sort of… candidate experience grading system.

Oh, right – there is.

The McQuaig Candidate Experience Grader is an 8-question analysis of the current state of your organization’s candidate experience. It covers elements like sourcing, screening, assessments, onboarding, your employer branding strategy, communication throughout the process, and much more. In about 90 seconds, you’ll be able to quickly determine what’s helping your candidate experience, as well as what might be missing. Of course, your candidate experience grade is just a number if there’s no detail behind it, so we’ve also included custom feedback based on your responses.

Here’s how it works:


Answer 8 short questions that cover critical candidate experience best practices.


Get your grade instantly, and get access to detailed feedback that relates to your answers.


Explore custom solutions and discover how to make your candidate experience even better.

Get inspiration on areas for improving your candidate experience, and access resources that can help. All courtesy of the McQuaig Candidate Experience Grader.



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