Employee Assessment Tests For Talent Management

Employee Assessment Tests For Talent Management

Who doesn’t love to buy one product that can be used in multiple ways? From multi-use apparel to home gadgets, getting more value from less purchases is always a bonus!

That same feeling can be derived from employee assessments.

The output of these tests are useful for multiple aspects of talent management so that you can squeeze every ounce of value out of one purchase.


When you hit a wall in coaching because you cannot get something across to your coachee, you look for different ways to approach them.

Wouldn’t it be great if they would just tell you what makes them tick?

Well inadvertently, they can! One use for employee assessments is to obtain information on how to best manage and coach the individual to help them achieve their goals.

Check out our blog to learn more about employee assessments as a coaching tool. 


Although coaching is powerful, employees need to own their development in order to be successful. As an employer, it is in your best interest to provide them with the tools they need to do so. Enter use number two.

Generate a different report from the same test and you get a development tool!

Now the language is directed towards the employee to explain their results to them. This increases self-awareness and highlights areas for improvement.


The same test that gave you a coaching tool and a development tool can also be used for improving team effectiveness!

In this article Forbes explains the importance of personality diversity on teams. They say “A cross-functional team must have introverts and extraverts, analytical thinkers and creatives, serious intellectuals and fun-loving disruptors. These individuals, working together with mutual respect, will be more creative than a group of individuals who are highly similar and cohesive.” 

Employee assessments allow you to determine who falls into each of those categories and can be used to facilitate effective communication between them.

Like a shirt that can be worn as a scarf or a skirt, employee assessments are a coaching tool that can be used for development and team effectiveness. Get more for less when you invest in employee tests.


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