Are Canadians Vacation Deprived?

Are Canadians Vacation Deprived?

Vacation days are provided to most full-time employees in Canada so they can take time off from work and relax without worrying about pay. However, many Canadians wish they could have more vacation time, according to a survey conducted by

In 2013, the average Canadian will receive 17 vacation days. Although that’s equivalent to more than three working weeks, that’s still not enough for 40 percent of the 1,502 Canadians who responded to the survey. They said they would be happier with 30 days – the number of vacation days that Europeans average per year.

However, 27 percent of Canadians carried over vacation time from last year. The most common reason why? They were too busy at work and had no coverage from other employees. This was cited by 13 percent of respondents.

Other Findings from the Survey

Vacation deprivation was most common among Canadians ages 18-34. Half of them felt somewhat or very deprived, compared to 38 percent of those ages 35-54. Of those older than age 55, one-quarter felt deprived. Ontario had the highest rates of vacation deprivation, with 46 percent feeling deprived. The rate was 43 percent in British Columbia and 27 percent in Quebec.

Even when they do take time off work, many Canadians are unable to totally disconnect themselves from the workplace. More than 60 percent check their email and/or voicemail. At 35 percent, Quebec employees are most likely to check in, while only 18 percent of Atlantic Canadians do so.

Why Vacation Time is Important

Although the use of vacation time was frowned upon by many employers in the past, more and more are seeing the benefits of allowing employees to take time away from work. Eighty percent of Canadian employees say that their employer is supportive of them taking vacation time, an 8 percent increase from 2012. That’s because it helps workers relieve stress and offers many benefits for their physical and mental well-being. Vacation time also lowers anxiety levels and blood pressure. Most importantly, it makes workers happy – which makes them more refreshed and productive in the workplace.

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