Five Examples of Companies Who Do Employee Engagement Right

Five Examples of Companies Who Do Employee Engagement Right

Keeping employees engaged and happy isn’t an easy job. In fact, research reveals that an estimated four in 10 workers around the world are disengaged from their jobs. This is a big deal since staffers who are fully engaged at work are more motivated, more loyal and more willing to stay on target to help achieve the company’s goals.

Meanwhile, disengaged workers can dampen and influence the morale of others and have a negative impact on a business operations.

In other words, committing resources and initiatives to employee engagement can yield big results. Some companies have figured out the art of keeping employees committed and happy at work, using the following techniques.

Knowing what employees think

Taking the pulse of a workforce can be done by using tools such as employee surveys. Outdoor apparel store REI taps into social media to get to know its staff. It has a “company campfire” online that lets employees and executives exchange thoughts and ideas, and have debates about the company.

Intentional job culture

Google creates a workplace environment in sync with staff happiness and performance. They pull out all the stops, including free chef-cooked meals, and even complimentary laundry service at their campus. But Google goes even further to, show it values its employees opinions by having them participate in the hiring process. Google and its online rival Facebook also have an atmosphere of creativity and playfulness, with the latter openly discussing its values in meetings and in its employee communications.

Appreciate contributions no matter what the size

Worldwide shipper DHL Express makes a point of thanking its employees for their performance and contributions at the office. It does this through cash rewards, hosting an annual black tie event for top performers and even sticking appreciation notes on the office corkboard.

Open communication

Enterprise software giant SAP is transparent with staff about what they’re expected to be achieving and how that fits into the company’s bigger goals. The firm emphasizes collaboration, even tapping staff from across its global operations to join project teams.

Employment brand awareness

U.S. air carrier Southwest Airlines puts a priority on employment branding. That means the company makes it clear to potential hires that it’s a fun, friendly and fast-paced place to work, emphasizing that these are the airline’s core values. Having an upfront employment brand provides transparency regarding the workplace culture and its underlying values, and ensures it attracts the right people.



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