Yahoo! Employee Satisfaction Reaches 5-Year High

Yahoo! Employee Satisfaction Reaches 5-Year High

Many employees feel as if their jobs are in jeopardy when their company changes CEOs. However, very few companies do anything to help the situation. When Marissa Meyer joined Yahoo! as CEO last year, she decided that one of her top goals would be to increase employee satisfaction. So far, she seems to be reaching her goal, if evidence from employer reviews website Glassdoor accounts for anything.

Of the past four quarters Mayer has been CEO of the company, she has been ranked 3.7 out of 5 in three of them. While that may not be an extraordinary rating, it’s the best any CEO from Yahoo! has seen in the past five years.

Mayer has also received the highest approval rating of any previous CEO. In her first quarter, she received a 91 percent rating. In the most recent quarter, she was rated 84 percent, with a cumulative total of 85 percent. In comparison, two previous CEOs had approval ratings in the 30 percent range.

Why Employee Satisfaction Has Increased at Yahoo!

Why are employees singing the praises of Mayer? Many of the reviews on Glassdoor claim that Mayer has brought a new vision to the company. Despite taking away the company’s telecommuting policy, employees are enjoying the other employee benefits she has provided, such as increased paid leave for new parents and free food.

Employees claim that the company was stagnant when under past CEOs Carol Bartz and Scott Thompson. Mayer, on the other hand, has breathed new life into the company and made life better for employees.

Not Everyone Is Happy

Of course, not everyone is a fan. There are employees who are upset about having their telecommuting taken away. Many also have negative opinions about Yahoo!’s long hiring approval process. Plus, many people believe that Yahoo! is now irrelevant, so no matter how high Mayer’s ratings get, it won’t necessarily translate into more business or revenue for the company.

In addition, Mayer’s ratings are not really anything to write home about when compared to other technology companies. For example, Google posted a 4.1 rating and its CEO has a 95 percent approval rating.

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