Free Webinar: Benchmarking For Better Hiring

Free Webinar: Benchmarking For Better Hiring

It’s no secret that any form of benchmarking can have a significant impact on an organization’s efficiency. But often, when we think of benchmarking, it’s related to performance and sales.

What if I told you that benchmarking can improve your hiring process as well?

That’s the power of creating job profiles. Job profiles can act as benchmarks for new hires, making it easier to compare candidates against job requirements, which in turn makes it easier to determine who’s a good fit for each open position. The result is a more streamlined – and more accurate – hiring process, one that encourages more objective decision-making and lowers the impact of “gut feel.”

On Tuesday December 19th, we’re hosting a half-hour Lunch & Learn webinar all about job benchmarking. Join us for this free session as we explore how-to’s and benefits related to benchmarking, and discover success stories that illustrate the impact that job profiles have on the hiring process. Plus, registrants will also receive a brand-new case study – one that shows just how powerful job benchmarking can be.

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