How To Reduce A High Turnover Rate

How To Reduce A High Turnover Rate

Anyone who’s experienced high employee turnover knows how frustrating the effects can be. Projects fall behind schedule. Employee morale starts to dip. Hiring budgets start to grow. Everything gets thrown out of whack – a high turnover rate is tough.

Sometimes, organizations start asking how to reduce turnover when it’s already too late. Other times, the methods used to increase retention tend to focus on areas that aren’t overly impactful. So the question remains: how can an organization implement meaningful, lasting strategies to reduce employee turnover?

The solutions start earlier than you might think. A high turnover rate often correlates to warning signs that may have been missed in the hiring process. By tweaking elements of the job profile, the interview, reference checks and more, it becomes much easier to make informed hiring decisions – and the right decisions often lead to a decrease in turnover.

That’s where our all-new infographic comes in. 5 Proven Methods To Cut Your Turnover Rate explores various points in the hiring process that can be optimized to reduce turnover. Discover where to focus your turnover reduction efforts, why these points in the process are so critical, and more importantly, how to apply improvements. To download your free copy of the infographic, click here.

We like to say that recruitment is an art and a science. By focusing on optimizing critical elements of the hiring process, you’ll be adding a little more science into the mix, which can lead to better hires. And every time you hire the right person, that revolving door spins a little slower.

Happy hiring!

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