Improve Team Productivity With This Quick, 30-Minute Webinar

Rachel Cwang May 25, 2017 7:38:00 AM

If you’ve seen The Founder (or you know the history of McDonald’s), you’ll remember that the team at the first McDonald’s figured out something that seems simple but really changed everything: in order to produce the most burgers in the least amount of time, people had to work seamlessly together. It was the assembly-line mentality, but for food. Each employee would make a particular contribution to help prepare the order, and if there were any issues, people were encouraged to speak up quickly and loudly to avoid delays.

Safe to say the idea took off.

Although your company might not be a fast-food joint (although all fast-food chains are welcome here as well), the basic principle is the same: next-level productivity requires optimal coordination and communication.

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Topics: Team Dynamics, Team Effectiveness

Rachel Cwang

Written by Rachel Cwang

Rachel is a Client Success Manager at the McQuaig Institute. She helps her clients develop targeted recruiting and development strategies to reduce turnover and increase hiring effectiveness.