Hire critical startup roles faster with our free Candidate Persona Template

How To Make Better Hires Using Candidate Personas

Justin Lowe Jul 12, 2017 7:46:00 AM

Don't you wish it was easier to figure out what kinds of people you needed to hire? Wouldn't it be better if someone could turn to you and say "oh, you're looking for a top-notch marketer? Here's the ideal profile of who you should hire."

Well, we do have an eBook about the top 6 most vital startup roles that any entrepreneur should hire (hint hint), but even the geniuses here at McQuaig can't tell you the absolute specifics of the people you need to hire for your particular business. What we can do is make the process easier for you to get through.

So - to speed things up, we've created a Candidate Persona Template! Use this single-pager to sketch out an idea of what your candidates should look like as you start hiring for new positions. You'll go beyond the standard work experience stuff and get a little more in-depth on what kind of personality traits and other more auxiliary characteristics would make for a strong candidate. Then, you can compare applicants against the persona you've created to see if there are any initial matches.

Hire vital startup roles with our free Candidate Persona Template

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Topics: Hiring Strategies, Startup Development

Justin Lowe

Written by Justin Lowe

Justin is the Director of Marketing and Sales at the McQuaig Institute where he helps companies refine their corporate culture and grow their human capital.