7 Ways HR Can Help Make Teams Successful

7 Ways HR Can Help Make Teams Successful

7 Ways HR Can Help Make Teams Successful
An ineffective team can get bogged down, fail to deliver, and cost the organization in terms of lost productivity, missed goals and sagging morale.
How can your organization avoid this? Based on the seminal 1996 book, Tools for Team Excellence, by Professor Gregory Huszczo, here are 7 ways to make your organizational teams successful:
1) Create a clear sense of direction
Define the expected outcomes of the team, what their role is and how their team’s output will contribute to corporate goals.
2) Find talented members
Based on the team goal, define what skills and competencies are required and either utilize existing members or find new ones.
3) Define clear and enticing responsibilities
Outline what each members’ roles are and where they should provide support. These roles should be in line with their talents and interests. Harvard Business Review talks more about how to define these responsibilities in this article.
4) Create reasonable and efficient operating procedures
Put in place systems to conduct meetings, identify and solve problems, make decisions, give and receive information, evaluate progress and perform tasks.
5) Foster constructive interpersonal relationships
Create systems to celebrate diversity, handle conflict, provide support, and challenge individuals.
6) Develop active reinforcement systems
Create a structure to hold members accountable and to reward positive outcomes and behaviors.
7) Build constructive external relationships
Support solid, diplomatic relations between teams that rely on each other.
When a team becomes effective, its whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Use these simple strategies to make your organizational teams successful and everyone will reap the benefits.


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