Engage Employees With The McQuaig Self-Development Survey

Engage Employees With The McQuaig Self-Development Survey

Everybody wants a fulfilling life. A reason to get out of bed every morning, get dressed, and make something happen. We want to have purpose and feel passionate about what we do. But many of us get so bogged down by our day-to-day routine work that we become disengaged. Our jobs become solely the means to pay our bills – and we live for the weekend.

This is sad. We spend way too much of our lives in our jobs to be so disconnected.

But what if your employer made an effort to nurture your career so you could work on things that interested you? What if you had a customized developmental plan and a coach that knew how to engage you? Things would definitely improve!

Enter: The McQuaig Self-Development Survey.

What is the Self-Development Survey?

The McQuaig Self-Development Survey is a tool to help your employees understand themselves. The resulting report is written directly to the respondent and helps explain their core strengths, as well as their developmental areas. It’s designed to increase their self-awareness so that they can understand what aspects of their work they’ll excel in and where they’ll need some assistance. With this awareness, they’re encouraged to create a developmental plan for themselves that allows them to play to their strengths and learn new skills. It empowers them to think about what it is they want to get out of their work for their own personal needs. It’s a gift from employer to employee that shows you care about creating fulfilling work for your personnel.

A Tool for Coaches

The McQuaig Self-Development Report also serves as a guide for coaches to facilitate coaching sessions. They can work through the goal setting worksheets with their employees to clearly define the details of each objective. A coach’s power is also amplified when provided with a copy of the employee’s McQuaig Word Survey Report. This will tell them how to best engage their employee including what they do and don’t like.

Imagine what would be achieved by a workforce who actually felt passionate about what they do. If they came to work every day, put in their best effort and felt good about it. If their personal interest drove them to tackle more projects and improve ways of doing things. Productivity would skyrocket and positive employee morale would lead to happier customers. All this to say, investing in your employees’ happiness makes business sense. An easy way to contribute to their fulfillment is by having them complete the McQuaig Self-Development Survey and equipping their coaches with effective support tools. This simple initiative will help to improve life both in and out of the office. 


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