Justin is the Director of Marketing and Sales at the McQuaig Institute where he helps companies refine their corporate culture and grow their human capital.

Ian Cameron is the former Managing Director of The McQuaig Institute®. Throughout his career Ian’s focus has been on helping organizations realize their goals through their people and helping people live their passion through their work.

Eve Davies-Greenwald is the Marketing Manager at McQuaig. With years of talent management experience, she blogs on topics related to retention, hiring, interviewing best practices, and leadership development.

Angela is the Manager, Client Success and Training at McQuaig where she consults, educates, trains, and develops clients in regards to successful hiring, onboarding, and developing the best staff.

Venessa Vasilakeris is the Director of Product and People Strategy working at McQuaig. She works to create customized recruiting, retention and development strategies using the McQuaig System to help companies make smarter and more effective hiring decisions.