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Talking Culture and Reinventing the Workplace with Expert Pam Ross

Pam Ross and Kristen Harcourt will talk about culture and reinventing the workplace

It’s undeniable that the workplace is changing more and at a quicker pace than ever before. Technology is constantly evolving while the workforce’s fastest growing demographic is the much talked about millennial generation. In order to survive in the future, companies need to reinvent the workplace today – or have it reinvented for them. So what does this mean for all the people within it? What does it mean for those entering?

Find out how to take control of reinventing your workplace on our August 27 #MiChat live video interview and Twitter chat featuring author, speaker, blogger, and consultant Pam Ross.

Pam Ross is the chief experience officer at Pam Ross consulting and she views workplace changes with optimism. She believes that now is the time to reinvent workplace culture because no organization should be mediocre and creating loyal customers stems from earning the loyalty of employees.

What a Reinvented Workplace Looks Like

Reinventing the workplace means different things to different people. So what does it mean for Pam? Pam sees culture driven by action and a culture that focuses on customer experience. Customer experience however, is rooted in the experience of employees. This is why reinvention of culture lies in reinventing employee experience.

Employee Experience

Pam believes everyone should have an opportunity to do ‘awesome work’. She’s not alone in this thinking. Research has shown that people are more motivated by a strong culture and meaningful work than they are by money. Employees must feel they are being provided with recognition and opportunity in order to feel a loyalty to their employers.

Digital Fluency

Lastly, Pam believes it is important that employees have digital fluency, comparing it to the literacy of our time. This means using the technologies that can help you best communicate with your internal and external stakeholders and prospects. As Pam says, technology is always changing and evolving so agility to roll with the changes is needed to thrive in today’s business world.


About Pam

Pam is a consultant who built her knowledge through 15 years of work in HR and operations within customer-oriented businesses. She is looking to reinvent the workplace through helping organizations to build trust, digital fluency and agility. Follow her on Twitter with @pamelamaeross or visit her website http://www.pamross.ca/

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