Recruiting Reports for Retail & Financial Services

Ian Cameron Sep 11, 2014 5:00:00 AM

Every industry is different, but there are many themes that run through all of them. That's what we've found as we release our special industry reports from the 2014 McQuaig Talent Recruitment Survey.

Today, we're releasing the final two reports: Retail and Financial Services. Here are some of the highlights:iStock_000012734320Medium

Retail Industry Recruiting Report Highlights

  • 56% say it's hard to find a cultural fit
  • Social media management the top planned investment
  • Issues with hiring managers the #1 challenge

Financial Services Industry Recruiting Report Highlights

  • 55% say intuition is not the best predictor of success
  • Half say hiring managers aren't good interviewers
  • 65% say skills not the reason when a new hire fails

You can download our industry reports, or the full 2014 McQuaig Talent Recruitment Survey from the Resource Centre.


How does your company stack up against the survey results?


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Ian Cameron

Written by Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron is the former Managing Director of The McQuaig Institute®. Throughout his career Ian’s focus has been on helping organizations realize their goals through their people and helping people live their passion through their work.