The Most Popular Social Recruitment Strategies from 2016

The Most Popular Social Recruitment Strategies from 2016

Social recruiting has been constantly growing in popularity and buzz. Here in North America 78% of respondents from our 2016 survey said their company utilized this strategy. Companies in Europe were quite active with social recruiting at 69% and Australia was trailing behind at 57%.
In total, 70% of respondents said they were using social media as one of their recruiting channels. Digging a little deeper, we asked those who are using social media to recruit, how they were using it.
The most popular social recruitment strategies from 2016 are:
1) Posting jobs on LinkedIn
2) Searching for candidates on LinkedIn


Only 27% were using employees as brand ambassadors and tapping into their social networks or posting content to build their employer brands. Although social recruiting is becoming more popular, not many companies have been using it to its full potential.
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