Talent Acquisition Strategies to Reduce Turnover

Talent Acquisition Strategies to Reduce Turnover

Talent Acquisition Strategies to Reduce Turnover
Let’s say that your CEO instructs HR to develop a talent acquisition strategy to hire more millennials to keep your organization current. Your department focuses all of its energy on finding these individuals and getting them onboard. Then within 6 months, they start to churn.
There are many talent acquisition strategies out there to address different needs, however, the one thing that they should all be working towards is reducing turnover. No matter what type of candidate you are looking to acquire, once hired, you want them to remain.
Here are some approaches that you can take to sharpen this focus:

Relevant Sourcing
How do you find people who will want to stay in your company? Try asking your current employees where you would catch them!
Harvard Business Review suggests branching out from the traditional social media platforms to sites that are related to your industry, then connecting with community members who impress you. “Current employees can tell you which sites they use to connect with like-minded individuals, and they can also help you to launch networks that are organized to meet your company’s specific needs.”
By incorporating relevant sources into your talent acquisition strategy, the likelihood of finding more stable human power increases.

Recruiting For Passion
Almost every job seems great in the beginning. The work is new and interesting, and the potential to learn is exciting. But what happens when the honeymoon phase wears off and they are coming in day after day to the same place at the same time. What is there to keep them returning?
The answer to this question is passion-fit. Passion-fit describes the level of fit between the individual’s passion and the organizational objectives. It describes whether their work will enable them to feel as if they have a purpose and if it means something more to them than a paycheck. They can get a paycheck from many sources, but it is more difficult to find something they truly care about.
If your talent acquisition strategy focuses of finding individuals who believe in what your organization does, then they will have a reason to show up every day, for years to come.

Customized Onboarding
Have you ever experienced having something custom made for you? The special feeling you had when it was designed, created, and fitted just for you. It was so precious that you wanted to take good care of it and keep it forever.
That feeling is not only applied to material things, it works for jobs too. If you take the time to customize the onboarding plan for a new employee, they too will have that enjoyable experience and be motivated to care for your company and remain in it. Talent acquisition strategies that include personalized onboarding experiences help to increase employee retention. For more information on how to customize your onboarding process, check out this blog.

Although talent acquisition strategies should address the goals of your organization, one of those goals should be retention. When you focus on finding and nurturing people that are interested and passionate about what your organization does, then the likelihood of keeping them increases.



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