The “Why” Behind McQuaig

The “Why” Behind McQuaig

There’s a lot of talk on social media about “finding your why” at work, or in other words, determining the reason why you show up every day and do what you do. Without this fundamental belief in your role, you have no purpose or motivation. You are simply repeating everyday motions without feeling engaged or connected to anything.

This kind of existence is, well, the most basic form of existing. You are surviving but not thriving, and you’ll likely feel a whole host of negative emotions. In such a complex society where most jobs that exist do not serve a basic human need, but instead a need that is fabricated by technology, record keeping, or any other modern issue, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly how you’re contributing to the betterment of life.

This got me thinking. If you’re sitting at a desk all day, like a large percentage of the population does, is it actually possible to connect what you do to the sustainment or improvement of life on this planet?

The answer is yes. Because even though you may be a small piece of a very large puzzle, if your organization is providing a product or service that makes something in this world better, you’re a part of it.

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In our case here at McQuaig, our “why” is to improve the lives of people in the workforce. Whether they’re sitting at a desk, working on a production line, or doing anything in between, our purpose is to help them:

  • Be placed in the position that is most in line with who they are so that they can succeed. This may be their first job in a particular company or a transfer to another role within the organization.
  • Get proper coaching so that they can receive the support that they need to learn and develop.
  • Gain a deep understanding of themselves so that they can take advantage of their strengths and create strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • Understand and work well with others so that they can enjoy spending the workday with their colleagues.

Our goal is to work with organizations who want these things for their employees. By providing our products and services to companies that care about employee engagement, we are able to make this impact on society and live our purpose.


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