Dr. Nick Bontis: Tips to Manage Information Overload [Video]

Dr. Nick Bontis: Tips to Manage Information Overload [Video]

Information-overloadYou’ve got your coffee, nice and hot, you get to your office, drop your bag, fire up the computer and then it hits you. Your inbox is overflowing, your voicemail light is flashing, a look at your calendar shows a full day of meetings staring you in the face AND you’ve got a list of priorities you can’t seem to get to. Sound familiar?

I think we’re all struggling with how to manage information overload and the impact it has on our productivity. In his book, Information Bombardment: Rising Above the Digital Onslaught, Dr. Nick Bontis throws us a lifeline in the form of some strategies to manage all of this information and find that work-life balance we all crave.

I caught up with him at HRPA 2015, where he was the opening keynote speaker, and he shares some of those tips with me in this short video.


In his video, Nick discusses:

  • How to manage your email inbox
  • How to keep up with increasing sources of new information
  • How to train your brain to better absorb information
  • What we can do about Work-Life balance
  • Why HR isn’t getting their share of the budget pie 

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