2017 In Review: Most Popular Webinars

2017 In Review: Most Popular Webinars

We’ve covered blog posts and eBooks, but what about the information you opted not to read? That’s where our webinars come in. In 2017, we introduced the McQuaig Lunch & Learn webinar series, a collection of half-hour webinars that touch on some of the most critical elements of hiring, employee development, and retention. If you missed out on some of these webinars when they aired, fear not – they’re all available on demand at any time. Here were our five most popular webinars from 2017:

The Benefits Of Benchmarking

Our highest-attended webinar so far was also the final webinar of 2017. Even if you didn’t see the live broadcast, you can still check out the on-demand recording and discover how job benchmarking can play a vital role in your hiring process. Attendees of the live webinar got a copy of our job benchmarking case study with the University of San Diego, which you can download for free!

Hire Better With A Candidate Personas

Although the webinar is geared towards entrepreneurs and small business owners, the candidate persona is a handy tool for anyone who needs a quick, easy, helpful addition to their hiring toolkit. Hiring managers and HR professionals of any size, enjoy this on-demand webinar that covers how to build – and use – a candidate persona. Then, get your free candidate persona template right here.

Hiring The Right Person

The age-old question: how do I know I’m hiring the right person – the first time? This webinar walks attendees through a more efficient hiring process, one that includes everything from finding the right candidates to asking the right interview questions, and everything in between. And to get the full benefit, grab a free copy of our Quick Guide To Hiring eBook, just like the live attendees did. Look at that – it’s like you knew about this webinar all along!

6 Critical Roles For Any Startup

Entrepreneurs and small business owners want their business to grow, but some might default to hiring more people who are just like them. That’s great for making friends – but it’s not so great for positioning the company strategically. In this webinar, discover six critical startup roles that cover many of the bases a small company needs to get to the next level. Plus, we’ll show you what kinds of people typically excel in each role. This webinar is the complement to our vital startup roles eBook, which is also available for free.

How To Successfully Implement A 360

Leadership development is critical in the longevity of your employees – and the lifespan of your organization. A 360-degree feedback tool is crucial in the development of your company’s leaders, but many tools are overwhelming to implement. To get a leg up, check out this on-demand webinar, which covers a step-by-step process for effectively implementing your 360 assessment initiative. Then, download a copy of this 10-step infographic for 360 implementation so you’re always prepared.

That right there, folks, is two-and-a-half hours of free information, chosen by you, our Lunch & Learn attendees, as the most important collection of McQuaig webinars this year. If you’re new to some of these topics, I highly recommend checking out the webinar recording and downloading the associated content – you might find yourself referring back to it more often than you think!

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