Uncover The Reasons You Have Trouble Hiring & Retaining Talent

Kristen Harcourt Oct 21, 2015 7:30:00 AM

bigstock-Chest-of-treasure-32660807After a 10-year study with 10,000 employees and 200 companies, executive recruiting firm Milewalk has uncovered the secret reasons that employers have such difficulty attracting and retaining A-Level talent.  

On October 27, we’ll be interviewing Milewalk CEO Andrew LaCivita live to discuss what he learned from this study.

In his latest book, The Hiring Prophecies, Andrew LaCivita presents the results of his 10-year study that revealed the leading indicators of recruiting and retention success.

He shows how to develop a process to find the candidates who are the best fit and the ones most likely to stay with the company long-term, and teaches the most effective interview techniques and questions to evaluate a candidate.

Andrew is the founder and chief executive officer of Milewalk, an executive recruitment firm. His other books include Interview Intervention and Out of Reach but Insight. He’s also a speaker and blogs at


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Topics: Recruitment, Employee retention

Kristen Harcourt

Written by Kristen Harcourt

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