What Successful Companies Do Differently to Attract Talent

Ian Cameron Nov 13, 2015 7:00:00 AM

I have the definitive answer to the question: Are we in a talent shortage?

Are you sitting down? Here is it … WHO CARES!

Research from reliable sources like The Conference Board suggests that we’re entering an environment of tight labor markets and a growing worker shortage. In our own survey of 450 HR professionals, only 8% said it was getting easier to find talent than it was one year ago. Meanwhile 36% said it was getting harder. Yeah, it sounds like a talent shortage.

Talent shortages come and go. You know what I see every time there’s a talent shortage? I see companies that continue to attract A-level talent. Just like there are companies that struggle when the market is flooded with talent. What a talent shortage really does is expose the holes in your recruiting strategy. But they also do something else; they offer an opportunity to plug those gaps by looking at what other companies are doing right.

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Ian Cameron

Written by Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron is the Managing Director of The McQuaig Institute®. He has more than 20 years of Human Resource and Organizational Development consulting experience. Throughout his career Ian’s focus has been on helping organizations realize their goals through their people and helping people live their passion through their work.