What Successful Companies Do Differently to Attract Talent

What Successful Companies Do Differently to Attract Talent

I have the definitive answer to the question: Are we in a talent shortage?

Are you sitting down? Here is it … WHO CARES!

Research from reliable sources like The Conference Board suggests that we’re entering an environment of tight labor markets and a growing worker shortage. In our own survey of 450 HR professionals, only 8% said it was getting easier to find talent than it was one year ago. Meanwhile 36% said it was getting harder. Yeah, it sounds like a talent shortage.

Talent shortages come and go. You know what I see every time there’s a talent shortage? I see companies that continue to attract A-level talent. Just like there are companies that struggle when the market is flooded with talent. What a talent shortage really does is expose the holes in your recruiting strategy. But they also do something else; they offer an opportunity to plug those gaps by looking at what other companies are doing right.

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