3 Quick Fixes That Will Save You from Making a Bad Hire Again

3 Quick Fixes That Will Save You from Making a Bad Hire Again

Dealing with the aftermath of a bad hire is no fun. You have to deal with the financial frustration from your boss, the stress overload from other employees, and the fear of incompetence from inside yourself.

How do you make it all stop?

Here are 3 methods that are quick to implement in your hiring process to save you from having to deal with a bad hire again:

Mental Agility Tests

How could you have known that they would have trouble getting up to speed? Their resume shows that they have done similar work previously!

Well, you could have tested them for their mental agility.

These tests allow you to see how quickly they can absorb new information, systems, and processes which is exactly what they will be doing while ramping up.

You can get obtain this kind of information from candidates in as little as 15 minutes and our platform makes them quick and easy to administer.  It’s not difficult to work this in to your hiring process and it’s an important data point to help you avoid bad hires.

Personality Assessments

Maybe you could have predicted that they did not have the right disposition for the job, but you really were not sure. Personality assessments give you scientifically validated insight into what characteristics you will see on the job – both good and bad.

Again, these tests can take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete and you can know then and there who you’re dealing with, instead of when they are walking out on you. Just like the mental agility tests, this can be worked into your hiring process seamlessly, adding another layer of protection for you.

Work Samples

What if you had proof?  Actual proof of what they have previously done. Maybe that would have raised some red flags regarding their performance.

Asking for work samples is another quick and easy way to weed out those that aren’t a good fit. It’s just a matter of asking for the goods and having someone who knows what they are talking about scan it over.

Stop stressing out over a bad hire. Try these methods in your hiring process and get back to your happy self!


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