4 Tips for Attracting Top Performers

Attracting top performers may seem difficult, but it can be done. Here are four simple tips to get you started.

Top_performerDreaming of filling those empty positions with A-level talent? Since most “stars” are already plugged in somewhere, you have to attract and pursue top performers with some finesse. You can attract high-caliber people, but you must understand what motivates them to invest their talent in your company. Take a proactive approach to promoting the things that make your company unique like core values, working culture and new opportunities. Potential employees can get a snapshot of what it’s like to work with you. This helps them to determine whether your company is a good fit for their talent and ability.

Need some tips for attracting top performers? Try these four ideas and get noticed by 5-star people.

Appeal to their values. Top performers don’t have to search for a job—many work where they are because they agree with the company’s values. Get to know your candidate and practice value alignment. Bring these values to their attention and do be specific. Merely saying, “We value integrity,” isn’t enough. Integrity in business? Integrity in relationships?

Be proud of your reward and recognition programs. Talk about them on your website, social media posts and any contact with potential employees. Explain how your company invests in employees with specialized training programs, bonuses or a clear path of success.

Enlist the help of current employees to promote the workplace. Top performers want to work in a friendly, happy workplace. Provide current employees with a way to provide public feedback about what it’s really like to work for you. Don’t be afraid of challenging statements. Take advantage of the public forum by demonstrating how much you care and what you are willing to do to take care of your people.

Cast a vision for future opportunities. You’ve got your eye on a candidate who would perfect for breaking new ground in your business. Don’t keep those cards too close to your vest. Talk about your dreams for the future on your company blog. By sharing your vision, you will excite and attract the right people for the job.

What are your tips for attracting A-level talent?

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