5 Simple Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Hires

5 Simple Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Hires

Quality HiresWhen it comes to improving the quality of your hires, it’s all about what you know. Here are five simple steps that can help you hire the right people. 

Know What the Departing Employee Knows 

Before you can hire someone new, you need to know what the departing employee knows. It goes beyond the job description. Sit down and have an in-depth conversation with the departing employee in order to determine the organizational knowledge and skills s/he possesses. 

Know Where to Find Your Target Candidates 

The only way to find the right candidates for your job opening is to understand where they congregate. This includes looking at different social media channels and recruitment resources to identify which venues offer the best access to the candidates you seek. 

Know How to Attract Your Target Candidates 

Once you’ve identified the best locations for your prime candidates, it’s important to create a recruiting plan. Determine how you will reach these candidates and what recruiting tools you will use to gain their attention. Remember, if you’re going after A-level talent, they aren’t likely job hunting so you’ll need to be creative. 

Know What Your Target Candidates Want to Know 

Employers realized long ago that the recruiting process isn’t only about what they want. It’s about what candidates want as well. A good way to attract quality new hires is to make sure to provide the type of information that will brand your organization as an employer of choice. 

Know if Your Search Process is Successful

Finally, the only way to ensure you continue to find and hire quality candidates is to review your recruitment process regularly. Audit the steps you take and determine what does or does not work. Make appropriate adjustments as needed. 





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