The Results of the Monster Workforce Talent Survey

The Results of the Monster Workforce Talent Survey

What do employees really think about their job? How many are dissatisfied with their current position? How optimistic are the unemployed about finding a job within the next year? Job search website Monster surveyed nearly 6,000 Monster users and tallied the results.

Job Dissatisfaction

The survey, which ran from January 14, 2013 to February 18, 2013, was available to registered Monster users who had used their account within the past three years. The survey discussed job satisfaction, job search challenges and career outlook. One thing of concern was the high rate of job dissatisfaction. Of those surveyed, 42 percent were not happy in their current position. Most of the respondents who were employed – 81 percent – expected to start their job search within the next year.

What were the reasons for finding a new job? Higher pay, personal fulfillment and a better skills match topped the list. Thirty-six percent were looking for a new job due to job loss. The confidence of job seekers is very high. Nearly 80 percent of those currently employed expected to find a new job within a year, while three-quarters of those who are unemployed are confident they will have a job next year.

The survey showed that those who were the most dissatisfied with their current position worked in the office and administrative fields. Only 21 percent of those in customer service positions felt happy in their jobs. For administrative professionals, 27 percent were satisfied. Only 7 percent were confident they would find a new job in the next year. This could be due to the fact that 80 percent of respondents felt that it is more challenging to find a job now than it was a year ago.

Other Results From the Survey

Survey respondents discussed what they were looking for in their next job. Respect and appreciation was ranked at 97 percent. Salary was cited as an important factor by 96 percent of those surveyed. Job security is valued by 95 percent of respondents. Forty percent seek flexibility in their work schedule, including the ability to work from home.

Improve Your Workforce

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