Mid-sized Companies Losing More Candidates to Counter Offers

Kristen Harcourt Aug 22, 2014 8:39:25 AM

VacancyChairMid-sized companies - those with 200-999 employees - are finding it harder to find qualified candidates and are losing more of them to their current employers than their small and large counterparts, according to a global recruitment study.

When we carved out the results of our 2014 Global Talent Recruitment Survey to look at just those mid-sized companies, some very interesting differences came to light.

At mid-sized companies surveyed, 61% of HR professionals identified finding qualified candidates as one of their top three challenges. That's compared to to 48% for large companies and 51% for small companies.

Those same HR professionals also told us that when an offer of employment gets rejected, 16% of the time it's because the candidate accepted a counter offer from their current employer. That's compared to 9% for large companies and double the 8% for small companies. 

Clearly, mid-sized companies are experience some unique challenges in recruiting. Here's a look at a few other highlights from our Mid-Sized Company Report:

  • Employees at mid-sized companies are getting disenchanted sooner
  • HR has less faith in their hiring managers interview skills
  • Their #1 planned investment to address their challenges is onboarding programs

To get the complete picture of what's happening at mid-sized companies, download the complete Mid-Sized Company version of the 2014 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey.

Do you think company size has an impact on your recruiting?

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Kristen Harcourt

Written by Kristen Harcourt

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