Recruiting With The McQuaig Word Survey

Recruiting With The McQuaig Word Survey


When it comes to hiring, many people believe in their gut. If they get a good feeling from someone, they naturally want to hire them. Throughout life in general, your gut is a pretty reliable source for decision making. It serves as your compass to make ethical choices and major life decisions. It tells you what career to follow and whether to cheat or not.  But your gut is subjective. What your friend feels compelled to do is different than what your inner force is telling you to do. So should hiring be subjective? If your gut says hire but your coworkers’ says pass, whose intuition is right?

Maybe it’s time to bring in a measure that is more objective. Something that will help you to ask the right questions and get the answers that you need to make an informed decision.

Enter the McQuaig Word Survey.

The Word Survey is 42 sets of 4 words or phrases that ask an individual to rank them from most descriptive to least descriptive in relation to themselves. The result of the Word Survey is the personality profile of that respondent which includes detailed information on the behaviour that you can expect from them on the job.

What’s In the Results?

While your gut may give you an idea about what type of leader they are, the Word Survey results will confirm it. It even goes into detail on how they will motivate their team, make decisions, problem solve, and lead change. And it doesn’t stop there. The full report will provide you with many other pertinent pieces of information including their selling style, learning style, and team approach. Based on their personality profile, you will also receive tailored behaviour-based interview questions that will help you in your decision making process.

Strengths and Gap Analysis

If you know what the ideal personality for the position is, you can then compare your candidates to it. This allows you to see if your candidate naturally has what it takes or not. The Word Survey Report includes a section with a strengths and gap analysis as well as associated behaviour-based interview questions to help you probe deeper in those areas. The questions guide you to determine if any gaps will be detrimental to their success in the role or whether they have developed strategies to overcome them.

What You Save

When you rely on intuition to make a hiring decision, you are increasing your susceptibility to selecting someone who you really like, but is not well suited for the role. If your gut is wrong, it will be the cause for the many costs associated with making a bad hire and that is a lot of money to risk on a hunch.

Within just 15 minutes, your candidates can complete a survey to provide you with the information and questions you need to make an informed decision. When you are empowered to make better hires, you can put the right people in place to propel your business forward, and that’s what it is all about.



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