The Most Popular Employee Onboarding Articles on the Internet

The Most Popular Employee Onboarding Articles on the Internet

There is a lot of advice our there about how to best onboard new hires. When you consider that studies have shown a good onboarding program can lead to increased revenue, lower turnover, and improved customer satisfaction that makes sense. To save you some time in the search for ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most shared articles from across the internet on the topic of onboarding. 

Our recent ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding, covers a lot of best practices, but we wanted to share what other voices out there have to say on this important topic. So, here are summaries of the 10 most shared articles and blog posts on onboarding from around the web along with links to the original articles.

1) Employee Onboarding at Startups Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It

Summary: Startups want the most talented people they can recruit and are fighting for the best talent. The author suggests that startup new hires are left to learn and experience the workplace on his or her own. This leaves the employee to feel uncared for and open for recruitment into another organization. A number of fixes along with advice are offered.


2) New Employee Onboarding Best Practices for New Hires

Summary: Trello provides best practices that play up the personal side of onboarding, encouraging socialization; organization and asking for new hire input, are provided. Trello points out “everyone is different. Introverts, extroverts, HQ, remote. We want their first week to be amazing, and part of that is adapting the process to fit them.”


3) How to Get Employee Onboarding Right

Summary: Maren Hogan provides an excellent breakdown of the difference between onboarding and training. If you’re looking for a simple way to explain the difference between the two, this article is for you.  She explains, “Training is fuel for your onboarding engine.”


4) 12 Employee Onboarding Best Practices Every Business Owner Needs To Know

Summary: Best practices for onboarding are broken down into three sections in this post by Rob Wormley: before the new hire starts work, during the first week, and during the first 30-90 days.


5) Sales and Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Summary: Startups are coming to the realization that onboarding is vital to their success in the future. In an interview with David Skok, Andrew Quinn of Hubspot explains Hubspot’s sales onboarding process. Another huge highlight of this piece is that it tells you what you need to consider when building your onboarding strategy, who should do so, and how to evaluate it.


6) How to Stop Losing Money on Employee Turnover by Improving Your Onboarding Process

Summary: Ron Sela provides another examination of onboarding in startups. He points out that an ineffective onboarding process is at fault in 1 of every 6 top talent departures. Sela provides a chronological look at best practices and pro-tips for onboarding.


7) How to Use Social Media for Employee Onboarding

Summary: Using real examples, Matt Charney explains how to use social media to onboard employees from before they’re hired, during their first day and afterward. He presents social media as an innovative way to get to know your workplace, industry and team members through real life examples.


8) 4 Ingredients for the Perfect Employee Onboarding Process

Summary: Ben Plant presents onboarding as a mix of the right ingredients that lead to the recipe for the perfect onboarding process.


9) 5 Strategies for Employee Onboarding Success

Summary: An easy-to-follow infographic providing five strategies for onboarding success. The infographic is promoting a larger ebook of the same name, which you can download from the website.


10) Hire Wisdom: New Employee Onboarding – How to Hit the Ground Running

Summary: Ross Campbell provides a checklist for hiring managers looking to onboard employees. His three tips are setting them up on an administrative level fully prepared (ex. fully stocked desk), making them feel connected (through mentorship, opportunities and socialization with colleagues), and reiterating job expectations to ensure both employee and manager understand the process.

Does your company have a formal onboarding process? 


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Tania Venn
Tania Venn

I enjoyed your article. Do you have any tips for onboarding remote employees vs. corporate employees? How to keep the communication flowing if remote employees don't have access to email? How to "bridge the gap" between head office and remote in-the-field type of work.

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