How to Create an Environment People Want to Work In

How to Create an Environment People Want to Work In

Despite what many employers think, employees don’t necessarily look for companies that offer catered lunches every day or dole out large bonuses at the end of the year. For employers, retaining top talent is much easier than you think. One thing to keep in mind: it’s not about all about the money.

Advancement Opportunities

Some people may be happy doing the same thing day in and day out for decades, but for the more ambitious types, being able to climb the corporate ladder is important. If they’re stuck in a dead-end job, they will quickly feel frustrated and unmotivated. The result? They’ll look to a company that offers more room for growth.

Proper Training

Starting a new job is nerve-wracking enough, but leaving employees to fend for themselves can be damaging. The key is to make sure they are properly trained from the get-go. Partner them up with a more experienced co-worker who can show them the ropes. Creating a mentorship or new employee orientation program will lead to higher levels of engagement – which will make employees happier in the long run.

Flexible Scheduling

Not everyone can work 9-5 every day. Many employees are spouses and parents with other responsibilities and self-interests. Some employees may volunteer in their community, while others may just want a few hours off every now and then for medical appointments. Whatever the reason, it’s important to offer employees a work-life balance. If they have flexibility to take care of themselves and their families – without any negative consequences from their employers – then workers will feel happier overall and be more likely to stay where they’re at.


The biggest thing employers can do is treat their employees with respect. Negativity and micromanaging should not be allowed. The employee should be trusted and encouraged to come up with new ideas. Employees should be involved in the decision making process and treated like adults. Full-time employees have to work 40 hours or more per week, so they want to be able to take control of their job – to some degree – and do things their own way, within reason.

Retain Motivated Employees?

Because each employee is different, it can be difficult to find a work environment that will please everyone. Let The McQuaig Institute help you find ways to increase motivation and retention rates so your best employees aren’t lured away by more lucrative opportunities. Call or visit us online today for more information.

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