Infographic: 7 Steps To Hire An Employee

Free Infographic: The 7 Ultimate Steps To Hire An Employee

Rachel Cwang Jun 21, 2017 7:09:00 AM

The hiring process can sometimes feel like a bit of a gamble. What are the odds that the right candidates are going to come across your job description? What's the probability that a warning sign might get missed during an unstructured interview? Fortunately, there are some simple tweaks that can be made throughout the recruitment process to improve the odds of hiring the right person - and the most effective tweak to make is to standardize that process.

We've taken our eBook, The Quick Guide To Hiring With Personality Assessments, and created a 7-step hiring process that's straightforward, efficient, and easy to implement in any organization. For anyone looking to standardize or improve their hiring strategy, these 7 steps to hire an employee are a great place to start. And if you want to learn more, join us for our free Lunch & Learn webinars, where we'll go over these steps to hire an employee, and chat about tips & tricks to making the hiring process more efficient and accurate.

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To dive deeper into these steps to hire an employee, check out our eBook, The Quick Guide To Hiring With Personality Assessments!

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Rachel Cwang

Written by Rachel Cwang

Rachel is a Client Success Manager at the McQuaig Institute. She helps her clients develop targeted recruiting and development strategies to reduce turnover and increase hiring effectiveness.