People-Focused Talent Acquisition Strategies Make Better Impressions

People-Focused Talent Acquisition Strategies Make Better Impressions

You thought you were cutting resource costs by automating your recruitment process but now you are realizing that your ideal candidates don’t want to deal with a robot. The idea of a completely automated process does not exemplify a people-focused culture and might even turn them off from applying at all!

It’s difficult for them to believe they have a chance when they know it’s just a computer scanning their resume, and why would they want to work for a company that doesn’t value them as person anyways?

In this article by SHRM it says ”Over three-fourths (77 percent) of 1,000 respondents who have searched for a job in the past five years or who intend to do so soon said they prefer human interaction when job hunting, according to a survey from the American Staffing Association (ASA).”

We all know very well that automated processes are needed for efficiency, but how can we throw a little personal touch into our talent acquisition strategies and truly get to know our candidates?

Adding Personal Touch

Forbes recommends adding warm and approachable messages on ATS pages and automated emails, reaching out personally before assigning any assessments and keeping candidates up to date throughout the recruitment process. “Every step in the recruiting process can be warm, friendly and professional. It doesn’t need to be harsh and formal. We don’t hire better employees when our recruiting processes are stiff and impersonal.”

Understanding Candidates Beyond Their Resume

When it comes to understanding candidates, their resume only says so much. Sure their education and experience are important but there are better ways to predict performance and demonstrate your people-focused culture. When you ask your candidates to describe what they like to do on the job and how they like to do it and use this information to better understand them, you are exemplifying a culture that cares about its employees.

When this information is obtained via a McQuaig Word Survey, not only do you get an in-depth understanding of this person, a Feedback Report can be obtained that shares these valuable insights with the candidate.

The recruitment process is your first chance to prove that you value your employees as whole people and not just numbers. Don’t make a bad impression with complete automation and simple resume screening.

Get to know your candidates!

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