2017 In Review: Most Popular Blog Articles

2017 In Review: Most Popular Blog Articles

It’s been a busy year for the McQuaig blog, and an even busier year for our readers! To close out 2017, let’s take a look back at our most popular blog posts over the past 12 months:

See what top HR thought leaders have to say about people analytics (August)

Near the end of the summer, we interviewed some of the most influential voices in HR to get their opinion on people analytics. We asked them what they’d recommend as the number-one metric to track, for anyone who’s just starting to consider adding people analytics to their HR toolkit. Check out all the responses, and get started working with people analytics!

Discover how job profiles can speed up hiring (March)

This article looks at 3 ways in which creating a job profile can make your hiring process more efficient. Discover how job profiles can position your team ahead of the starting line, so you can get to the finish line even faster.

Avoid these 5 common recruitment mistakes (January)

One of our first blog posts in 2017 is also one of our most popular. Not only did we cover 5 of the most common mistakes that occur during the hiring process, but we also offered up ways to avoid them in the future.

Develop awesome job titles for your startup (August)

Entrepreneurs are known for going against the grain, and that includes defying conventions for internal processes as well. But before you hire a team of Principal Beer Ordering Specialists, consider these three questions – and ensure your job titles are attracting the candidates you want at your company.

Find out how job benchmarking can improve the hiring process (November)

Job benchmarking is an extremely popular topic, as organizations discover the value of comparing candidates against more complete criteria that’s relevant to a role. As you’ll quickly see, the benefits go far beyond just making the hiring process faster.

Ask better behavioural interview questions using the SARR method (April)

It’s easy to know what questions to ask during an interview, but it can be harder to ask them in the right way. Behaviour-based interview questions are an excellent way of exploring whether a candidate is well suited for a job or not. Get familiar with the SARR method of behavioural interview questioning, and discover how it can improve the insight you get during interviews.

Explore what happens when you hire for culture fit (August)

Finding candidates who seem to fit well with your company culture can have a number of lasting benefits. Discover how hiring for culture fit can improve everything from productivity to retention.

Choose between promoting from within or hiring externally (September)

So you’ve got a position you need filled. But what’s better: hiring someone from an outside source, or promoting someone from within the organization? You’ll have to be the judge, but we’ve laid out pros and cons to both options, so it’s easier to see what the end results may be.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading the McQuaig blog this year, and we’ll see you next week to start 2018 off with some brand-new articles!

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