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Employer Brand

6 Reasons Your Employer Brand Is Struggling

Is your employer brand struggling? It could be because of these common mistakes but don't worry, we'll show you what to do instead.

Employer Brand

Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Turning employees into brand ambassadors helps promote your company and build a more authentic employer brand. But how do you get your staff to...

Employer Brand

Does Marketing or HR Own Recruitment Marketing?

When it comes to recruitment marketing and the employer brand, what department should have more control - HR or Marketing? And are there tips from...

Employer Brand

Do Startups Need An Employer Brand?

Do startups need to worry about employer branding? No matter your size, it's an effective recruitment tool. Here are 5 tips to better communicate...

Employer Brand

5 employer brand metrics you should be tracking

There's no one-size-fits-all rule to creating an employer brand but here are 5 metrics which might be useful to track. Whether you're growing your...