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Insights and Innovations in Talent Management

Explore the latest in HR trends and strategies on the McQuaig Blog. Discover expert insights and practical advice to help you manage, develop, and retain top talent effectively.

Coaching & Development

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Leadership skills can be both innate and learned. Discover how genetics and training play a role in shaping effective leaders in the workplace.

Hiring Strategies

8 Hiring Mistakes Assessments Can Help You Avoid

Discover how assessments can help you avoid common hiring mistakes and improve your quality of hire. Learn how to revamp your hiring with assessments.

Employee Engagement

Getting Ahead of Employee Burnout

Learn how to identify, prevent, and combat employee burnout in your team to maintain productivity and morale.

General Talent Talk

Tackle Emerging Employment Trends

Explore how our solutions can equip HR managers to take on 2024's HR challenges, from enhancing conflict resolution skills to adopting skills-based...

Coaching & Development

Troubleshooting a Difficult Employee

Strategies for managing difficult employees, focusing on understanding behaviors, providing clear expectations, and fostering positive workplace...


Is In-Person Training a Thing of the Past?

How COVID-19 has shifted training preferences to online methods, the debate over in-person vs. online training, and how a hybrid approach can help.

Coaching & Development

McQuaig University is Now Live!

Introducing McQuaig University, offering comprehensive courses to maximize the effectiveness of the McQuaig platform for your business.


The McQuaig Way – Why We Do What We Do

Explore McQuaig's approach to talent management, focusing on effective interviews, strong onboarding, and team dynamics.

360 Assessments

How to Be a Better Manager

Your team is only as good as its leadership. Find out how to develop your management team with McQuaig Institute and schedule a demo today!

How Do Pre-Hire Assessments Work?

Pre-hire assessments are a great asset to companies when hiring, and understanding the process is vital. Find out more about how pre-hire assessments...

Corporate Culture

How To Create An Inclusive Company Culture

Is your company culture inclusive for all employees? Try these 5 strategies to help improve inclusion in your workforce.

Corporate Culture

How To Take Values Into Account When Hiring

When companies make their values a true cornerstone of the organization you can see it reflected in how work is achieved.

Candidate Experience

Adapting To Shifting Candidate Attitudes

Candidate attitudes are changing so how will that impact your talent acquisition process and what can you do to meet modern candidate needs?

Employee Engagement

5 Strategies For Highly Engaged Teams

If you're running department where team members are in their individual homes, what can you do to bring them together as an engaged unit?

5 Strategies To Build Teams Who Trust

If team trust is declining then consider leveraging these 5 strategies to help improve team culture, connection, and understanding

Employee Development

6 Ways To Encourage Employee Development

If your employee development program stalled last year, try these strategies to get it back on track, even if that means developing remotely.

Taking DE&I Into Account When You Hire

What can you do to improve your DE&I efforts when you hire? Here are 6 strategies to help you find the best diverse candidates.

Employee Engagement

What To Do When Employee Engagement Declines

If employee engagement levels are dropping, what can great managers do to turn things around? Check out these strategies to improve motivation at...

Employee Engagement

How To Build A Strong Employee Experience

The employee experience you offer at your organization can make all the different in terms of employee engagement and retention.

Preparing Teams To Return To Work

If you want your employees to return to work, check out these 6 strategies to help teams feel more supported as they're recalled.

Employee Development

The Art Of Giving Feedback

How comfortable is your team with giving and receiving feedback? Check out these 6 strategies to tackle it more effectively.

5 Ways To Improve Team Effectiveness

Is your team growing disconnected? Check out these 5 strategies to help you improve team effectiveness and get your team back on track.

Resume Warning Signs To Watch For

Resumes can tell you a lot about who your candidates are. Learn 5 red flags to look for when vetting resumes to find your next great hire.

Employee Engagement

6 Onboarding Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of

Is your onboarding approach getting dry? Try these 6 alternative ideas to help your new hires find their feet faster.


Communication Strategies For Remote Teams

If your remote team growing quieter? Check out these communication strategies to help get you remote team back on track.

5 Tips To Manage Hybrid Teams

If you're leading a hybrid team right now then check out these 5 strategies to help keep everyone on the same page and working effectively.

8 Leadership Tips For Remote Managers

If you're managing a remote team then check out these 8 tactics to help improve your leadership style to become a more effective manager.

Becoming An Effective Leader In 2021

What does effective leadership mean in an uncertain year? Learn 5 key skills to prioritize and tactics to try with your team.

Improving Remote Team Collaboration

If your remote team isn't collaborating as effectively as you'd like from a distance, then now is the time to look what you can change.

Employee Engagement

10 Virtual Holiday Celebration Ideas For Teams

Let’s explore some of the potential ways you can bring your team together as the year draws to a close. There are creative ways you can celebrate the...

Candidate Experience

Rejecting Candidates With Empathy

Instead of ignoring unsuccessful candidates, how can you reject them with empathy and understanding instead?

Employee Retention

Onboarding Checklist For New Hires

How you welcome a new hire into your company and set them up in their early days can have an impact on their tenure with the organization.

How To Write Remote Job Descriptions

With so much riding on how you describe a position, getting it wrong can mean a longer time to hire and cost you potentially strong candidate

How Is HR Evolving Through The Pandemic?

As the guiding light for talent management right now, how is HR evolving as the pandemic goes on and what might the role look like ahead?

The Rise Of The Hybrid Team

Hybrid teams, a team that is made up of a mix of in-person and remote employees, are growing increasingly popular. How do you manage them?

Leading In The New Normal

Will leaders walking into our changed future of work require different skills than we thought they would? Thoughts?

5 Benefits Of Internal Recruitment

Why would you consider hiring internally instead of externally? External hires can bring new energy and new ideas to your current team. But...

Candidate Experience

What Do Candidates Want In An Employer?

If you're going to be hiring during the pandemic then prepare for the candidate conversation to have changed.

Employee Development

Building Resilience In Your Workforce

Resiliency helps us navigate through times of uncertainty so what can you do to help your employees develop this skill?

6 Strategies To Improve Remote Hiring

If you have to hire from a distance, what can you do to adjust your strategies to give you a better chance at success?

Employee Development

5 Ways To Improve Employee Development

How can you revitalize a flagging employee development program? Check out these 5 strategies to steer you towards success.

5 Tips For Productive Teams

What can you do to keep your team productive even when working from a distance?

360 Assessments

What Is 360 Degree Feedback?

What are the benefits to using a 360 tool? We explore when you'd need 360 feedback and what kind of improvements you can expect to see on your team.

10 Questions For Remote Interviews

What questions should you add to your interview repertoire to help learn more about an employee's approach to remote work?

Corporate Culture

Keeping Company Culture Alive At Home

How can you bring your office culture into the world of remote work? Check out these tips to keep your culture alive on your team from a distance.

Strategies For Managing Through A Crisis

What can great managers do to help their teams during times of crisis? Check out these strategies to guide your team and ensure everyone is staying...

What’s The Secret To Team Success?

What are the core factors of effective teams and how can you use them to create a strong foundation for future success?

Employee Onboarding

7 Factors Of Virtual Onboarding

Onboarding a remote new hire can be a challenge but there are a number of things you can adjust to make the process smoother for everyone.

12 Tools For Remote Teams

What's the best way to keep people together when everyone's physically apart? Managing remote teams can be a challenge but here are 12 tools designed...

5 Tips To Lead Your Remote Team

What does it take to make a remote team work? Check out these 5 tips to help you lead your remote team more effectively.

Employee Engagement

Build An Engaged Workforce With These Strategies

How can you tackle employee engagement right from the start of the hiring process? Check out these tips on how to adjust the way you hire to find...

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience In The Age Of Automation

Are you ready to start automating pieces of the hiring process? Learn which tactics are better to automate than others to improve the candidate...

9 Talent Acquisition Tips For Startups

Startups are often a very different working environment than the average job so how can small businesses make the most of their talent acquisition...

How To Interview Like A CEO

What questions do famous CEOs use when they need to hire? Check out this list of key questions to consider using in your next interview.

Employee Onboarding

5 Onboarding Mistakes You Might Be Making

Few argue the benefits of a strong onboarding program anymore but what if it's not as strong as you think? Here are 5 common oboarding pitfalls and...

What Challenges Face HR In 2020?

As we embark on a new year, what are the challenges facing HR today and what solutions can you try to help address them?

Corporate Culture

How To Hire For Culture Fit

What is culture fit and how can you hire for it more effectively? Explore some of the ways to see if your candidate is the right match for your...

McQuaig’s Top 5 Trending Topics Of 2019

Looking back over the past year, we pull out the top 5 blogs of 2019 and look at what the trends can tell us about where the talent industry is...

Employer Brand

6 Reasons Your Employer Brand Is Struggling

Is your employer brand struggling? It could be because of these common mistakes but don't worry, we'll show you what to do instead.

Employee Engagement

10 Employee Appreciation Ideas For The Holidays

'Tis the season for staff appreciation so how are you recognizing your stellar employees this year? Here are a few ideas to fit any budget.

Employee Retention

Retain Millennial Employees With These 6 Tips

Millennials are known for avocado toast and jumping jobs on a whim. So how can you keep the largest generation in the workforce in their seats a...

7 Tactics To Help You Hire Better

Hiring seems to be getting harder with each passing year so how can you cut through the noise and find great new candidates to interview?

5 HR Trend Predictions For 2020

What changes will the next 12 months bring to the world of HR? From automation to remote work, we break down 5 trends to be aware of as the future of...

Winning Phrases Every Resume Should Include

Most jobs now receive a stack of resumes for every open role. How can you make your resume stand out in the crowd and what language should hiring...

Tips To Speed Up A Slow Hiring Process

Is your time to hire getting out of hand? Here are a few tricks to help you speed up your talent acquisition process without sacrificing the quality...

The Secret To Creating Strong Talent Pools

What is a talent pool and how can you build one? Instead of going back to the drawing board every time you hire, a longer-term strategy to collect...

Coaching and Development

What Is Reverse Mentoring?

Reverse mentoring helps improve communication between multiple generations by helping both partners see a clearer picture of what work, and life, is...

The Changing Role of HR

HR looks very different today than it did ten years ago. But what are the factors influencing modern HR and how can departments balance them all...

Candidate Experience

What Are Candidates Looking For In An Interview?

When it comes to interviewing, usually we think about it from the recruiter side of things. But what are candidates looking for when they interview...

What Is Psychological Safety At Work?

Psychological safety dictates how comfortable your employees will be working in a team and developing new ideas. What can you do to help build and...

Employer Brand

Turn Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Turning employees into brand ambassadors helps promote your company and build a more authentic employer brand. But how do you get your staff to...

Corporate Culture

How To Build A Coaching Culture At Work

More employees are searching for jobs where they will be coached and supported as they grow in their careers. What are some components of a strong...


6 Things Your Employees Aren’t Saying

Even on the best teams, there are topics employees might not be comfortable speaking up about. Savvy managers can use these 6 communication tips to...

Coaching and Development

Networking Tips To Grow Your Career

Networking can be hard and time-consuming but it's also a good habit to form since maintaining strong professional networks can help grow your...

Corporate Culture

4 Examples Of Awesome Company Cultures

These days company culture is something everyone talks about from candidates to employees to CEOs. If you need a benchmark to aim for, check out...

How To Build Your Dream Team

How can you build the team of your dreams? Try accounting for these 5 key factors of team building next time you have to pull a group together.

Managing 5 Generations In The Workplace

We are entering a new era for talent management as, for the first time, 5 generations are overlapping in the workforce. Here are 6 tips to help you...

6 Tips To Narrow Down Your Candidate List

Hiring isn't easy but what happens when you are spoiled for choice? If you have a group of strong candidates, try these 6 tips to narrow your list...

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding Tricks To Prevent New Hire Turnover

Early turnover is a real threat to retaining the best talent at work. So how can you shake up your onboarding approach to set your new hires up for...

Employer Brand

Does Marketing or HR Own Recruitment Marketing?

When it comes to recruitment marketing and the employer brand, what department should have more control - HR or Marketing? And are there tips from...

5 HR Tech Trends For 2019

What changes are on the horizon when it comes to HR technology? Move beyond AI to 5 tech trends that will impact HR and business in the near future.

12 Things A Resume Won’t Tell You

Resumes are a tried and true staple of the hiring world but are they really the best way to learn about a candidate? Check out these 12 things resume...

Coaching and Development

How To Be A Great Mentor

Creating a mentor program isn't an easy task but great mentors have a few traits in common. Explore what makes mentors effective and why your...

Are All Startup Founders Leaders?

It takes a special sort of person to start their own business. But are these founders necessarily good leaders or is that a skill entrepreneurs need...

Should You Text Candidates?

Have you ever texted a candidate about an open role? More hiring managers are turning to text as a way of communicating more frequently with...

Employee Engagement

4 Ways To Strike A Better Work Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is key to overall health and employee engagement. So what can you do at your company to help your team strike the...

Employee Engagement

Why Do Great Employees Lose Their Motivation?

Motivated employees are worth their weight in gold so why do some lose that drive? Explore the factors of motivation and what you can do to boost it...

Watch Out For These Resume Red Flags

Resumes are a useful tool to uncover historical information about your candidate. But are there any red flags you should watch out for?

Employee Engagement

Create A Winning Employee Experience

What is the employee experience and why can it make or break your company? These days, candidates are getting more savvy about where and how they...

Corporate Culture

How Do You Build A Resilient Corporate Culture?

Is your corporate culture resilient? Resiliency is becoming an increasingly popular topic as we head into a future fueled by change. So how can you...

Coaching and Development

Feedback Doesn’t Have To Be Frightening

Many people dread giving or receiving feedback but it doesn't have to be that way. When used effectively, feedback can help nurture a supportive,...

WHO Recognizes Burnout As A New Syndrome

The World Health Organization has officially recognized burnout as an occupational phenomenon. What does that mean for you and your company and what...

Quick Tips To Retain Your Best Talent Longer

Turnover is a fact of life but it doesn't have to be a drain on your business. Explore a few quick tips on what you can do to reduce turnover in your...

5 Insights From Indeed Interactive 2019

Conferences are a great source of professional development options. If you missed Indeed Interactive 2019 this year, don't worry. We break down 5 key...

10 Tips To Be A Successful Manager

It's hard enough to find great hires but how do you keep them? Being a great manager can make all the difference to your team or company. Check out...

Candidate Experience

How Do You Establish Trust With Your Candidates?

It can be hard to attract the right sort of talent to your company but one tactic is to improve your candidate experience. One way to do that is by...

Employer Brand

Do Startups Need An Employer Brand?

Do startups need to worry about employer branding? No matter your size, it's an effective recruitment tool. Here are 5 tips to better communicate...

Are You A Talent Management Superhero?

These days, if you want to be a talent management superhero, what do you need to know or do? Explore 6 recruitment strategies every HR hero needs to...

6 Sourcing Hacks to Find Great Candidates

Where do you go to uncover great candidates to interview? Next time you hire, consider using these 6 sourcing hacks to find talent in a more creative...

Become The Leader Your Team Deserves

Are great leaders born or made? Not every manager is a great leader but here's why the traits matter and what you can do to encourage leadership...

The not so hidden cost of employee burnout

Burnout is often viewed as the inevitable price of doing business but it doesn't have to be. Check out these 5 common causes of burnout and 5...

Employer Brand

5 employer brand metrics you should be tracking

There's no one-size-fits-all rule to creating an employer brand but here are 5 metrics which might be useful to track. Whether you're growing your...

Employee referrals matter and here’s why

When it comes to finding the best candidate, employee referrals can be an excellent talent pool to use. Explore the benefits of employee referrals...

5 tips to reduce your time to hire

Reducing your time to hire is something every recruiter or hiring manager wants to do. But how can you do it effectively without increasing your risk...