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Explore the latest in HR trends and strategies on the McQuaig Blog. Discover expert insights and practical advice to help you manage, develop, and retain top talent effectively.

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How to Be a Better Manager

Your team is only as good as its leadership. Find out how to develop your management team with McQuaig Institute and schedule a demo today!

360 Assessments

What Is 360 Degree Feedback?

What are the benefits to using a 360 tool? We explore when you'd need 360 feedback and what kind of improvements you can expect to see on your team.

360 Assessments

What Does Effective Leadership Look Like?

Over time, it becomes clear that many leadership theories, recommendations and best practices conflict with one another. So what’s the real answer?

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How To Take Action After A 360

One of the biggest complaints about 360-degree feedback tools is that people don’t know how to take action as a result of the feedback.

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An Introduction To Leadership Competencies

Looking closer at your leaders’ competencies can help identify where they’re excelling and where they need to improve. So how can that be done?

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Free Webinar: How To Safely Implement A 360

The results of a 360-degree feedback tool can be uninspiring when implemented improperly. Join our October Lunch & Learn to discover how to do it...

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5 Ways HR Can Impact Leadership Development

The more effective your leaders are, the more engaged your employees become, which can lead to more valuable contributions from staff. Here's how HR...

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How To Implement A 360 Review In 10 Steps

So - you've got yourself a 360 degree feedback tool, and you're ready to start turning your leaders into super-leaders. Here's how to implement it...